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john-crystal-vintners-cellarAfter spending a combined 50 years in one yeast-based business, Crystal and John decided to embark on a journey together in another business that relies on yeast… you might say that making the choice to go with Vintner’s Cellar was the ‘yeast’ of our decisions.

John’s wine experience goes back to the ‘70’s when, as a hotel and food student, he convinced his parents that ‘pop wines’ were not really a sophisticated choice in wine (hard to believe you can still get Spumanti Bambino and Baby Duck today?) and that they needed to discover the true taste of the grape.

Crystal has enjoyed many different wines over the years and is very vocal when it comes to the benefits of wine and chocolate. After limiting her choices to white wines, Crystal has finally learned to enjoy a finely crafted red wine (and at room temperature no less!!).

What we have both learned is that wine is a very personal thing – everyone has their own preference in wine whether it is sweetness level, body, oaking or a particular style. At Vintner’s Cellar we have a wide range of wines that will appeal to everyone – if we don’t have it in stock we will be happy to order it for you. We look forward to seeing you in our ‘Cellar’ and helping you make your own quality wine.

  • We Do More Than Make Great Wine

    • Flavourville Coffee

      We carry 96 varieties of Flavourville Keurig-compatible coffee. From bold dark roast to flavoured decaf, discover a new flavour today!

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    • Reverse Osmosis Water

      We are pleased to offer the same Reverse Osmosis Water we use to brew our wines, to you for your home or office.

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      Winemaking Supplies

      Along with our Quality Juice Kits and Reverse Osmosis Water, we carry a growing selection of supplies for home vintners. If we don't have it we can order it for you. Call or visit us for more information.

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