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It All Starts
With Great Grapes

We carry over 60 wine varieties with a selection of Quality Levels. The finished quality of your wine depends on a number of factors, but most importantly, the product level you start with. It all starts with great grapes!

100% Supreme Juice Wines

Our best selling wine. Nothing but yeast is added to our 100% Supreme Juice wines. This pasteurized product produces a superior wine which provides great value.  Depending upon the season, these wines are imported from California and Chile.

Gold Medallion and Fruit Wines

Our Gold Medallion and Fruit Wines are concentrated from selected grapes to provide a consistent, high-quality product. We add only Reverse Osmosis water to ensure a great wine you will enjoy. Depending upon the season, these wines are imported from California and Chile.

Vintner's Limited Reserve Wines

For those seeking a wine sourced from a particular country, our Vintner’s Limited Reserve Wines are your choice. With wines from Italy, Australia, specific vinyards in Chile and California "Old Vine", you are sure to produce a wine that pleases!



Traditional Varietals

Please note that in this booklet, our 100% Supreme Juice is referred to as '100% Sterile Juice' (we just didn't like the term sterile!).  Our Gold Medallion Concentrate wines are referred to as 'Gold Medallion'  (likely from all the award winners!)


Fruit Wines

Please note that there are four fruit wines which have been added to the list: Blackcurrent Merlot (evoking the taste of Cassis!), Cranberry Shiraz (great for Thanksgiving and Christmas!), Raspberry Zinfandel (wonderful on a hot summer day!) and Coconut Sauvignon Blanc (we put some wine with the coconut and mixed it all up!)


  • We Do More Than Make Great Wine

    • Flavourville Coffee

      We carry 96 varieties of Flavourville Keurig-compatible coffee. From bold dark roast to flavoured decaf, discover a new flavour today!

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    • Reverse Osmosis Water

      We are pleased to offer the same Reverse Osmosis Water we use to brew our wines, to you for your home or office.

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      Winemaking Supplies

      Along with our Quality Juice Kits and Reverse Osmosis Water, we carry a growing selection of supplies for home vintners. If we don't have it we can order it for you. Call or visit us for more information.

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