Vintner's Cellar

Est. 1993

Vintner's Cellar can be found in Canada all over Ontario and New Brunswick, as well as throughout several US states. When visiting any of our Brantford location you will only find the most reliable, friendly, helpful and highly trained consultants who will ensure that every aspect of the wine making process, from beginning to end, results in a high quality wine for your enjoyment.

100% Guaranteed

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results produced from our juices or concentrates, simply return the unconsumed product, and it will be replaced absolutely free.

Brew On-Premise

Vintner's Cellar began it's journey nearly two decades ago operating a small retail wine kit and accessory store in London, Ontario. Shortly after its inception in 1993 it was discovered that clients were in need of professional assistance and product quality assurance. Vintner's Cellar became one of the first kit stores to offer their clients whom were passionate about wine making the opportunity to experience being a vintner on location. The "Brew On Premise" concept was born where the wine maker can experience all the benefits of producing their very own Quality Wines at an affordable price.

All you will have to worry about is selecting from more than 60 wine varieties. After your selection is made and started, you will return in 6-8 weeks to a clean and modern facility which is fully equipped with the latest equipment to fill and cork your wine bottles. Vintner's Cellar offers the ultimate wine making experience where wine lovers will be thrilled to serve their families and friends a superior quality wine, 100% guaranteed.