About Us

Vintners Cellar began more than two decades ago because of our love for great wines. Our goal is simple: help our customers make exceptional wines at affordable prices. We want to bring the vineyard to you. It has always been about quality and our wines are backed with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

We offer a unique wine making experience for wine lovers to create a personalized label to enjoy with friends or give as gifts. 

All our products are manufactured to the same quality standards as commercially produced wine. To best suit your needs and values, Vintner’s Cellar developed an exceptional line of superior quality juices including wine kits made of 100% ALL grape juice with no added water, invert sugar or artificial flavours. Exclusive only to Vintner's Cellar. So all you have to worry about is selecting from more than 60 great wine varieties the guidance of our friendly, helpful and highly trained consultants.