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Reverse Osmosis

Water plays an extremely important role in the brewing of both wine and other beverages. We brew all our wines with Reverse Osmosis Water, ensuring consistent flavour and quality. We're pleased to offer the same Reverse Osmosis Water we use to brew our wines, to you for your home or office.

Refills: $3 or a water card  15 refills for $35

Free Biodegradable Lids • Bottles are made in Canada and BPA Free

Vintner's Cellar Brantford
164 Colborne St. W. Unit 1A
Brantford, Ontario

Tue – Fri: 10am – 6pm
Sat: 10am – 2pm
Sun – Mon: Closed

Reverse Osmosis Water Refill Station

The process of Reverse Osmosis removes minerals, particulate and contaminants from water, making it over 99% pure.

  • Pure and healthy water that tastes great, so you'll enjoy drinking your 6-8 glasses per day!
  • The most economical beverage available.
  • Juices burst with their true flavour, tea is brighter in colour, and coffee has a richer flavour.
  • Ice cubes are cleaner, clearer and harder and leave no sediment in your glass.
  • Better for cooking. No impurities to mask the natural taste of your food.
  • Soups, vegetables and pasta are enhanced. Enjoy the true taste of your food.
  • Protects appliances from scale. No need to descale coffee pot or kettle.
  • Helps flush the body of toxins.