Pinot Noir

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Brilliant red colour. This wine has a slightly spicy nose with hints of balsa wood as well as citrus notes. A soft lively fruitiness on the palate along with mellow tannins leaves a velvety finish in the mouth. It is often referred to as the chameleon of varietals. As a young wine it exhibits simple red fruit flavors such as cherry, strawberry and raspberry. As it matures it takes on a surprising complexity, with aromas of chocolate, venison, figs, prunes, truffles, violets and even a touch of smokiness.

Suggested Pairings - salmon or other fatty fish, roasted chicken, pasta dishes, duck and other game birds.

Aging - 9 to 12 months.

Food Pairing: Chicken, White Meat, Duck, and Fish

Region: France

Body: Medium

Oak: None

Sweetness: Dry

Compariable Wines: Red Bourgeron and Pinot Noir El Solo

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